Monday  A.  Back Squat Cycle 1 Week 3 5@75% 3@85% 1+@95% B.  “Josh” 21 Overhead Squats (95#/65#) 42 Pull-ups 15 Overhead Squats 30 Pull-ups 9 Overhead Squats 18 Pull-ups  Scale =  21-15-9  Overhead Squat & Ring Rows C.  Optional if time allowed- Accumulate 3 minutes plank hold  or handstand hold

DELAY OPENING….Good Sunday morning to everyone!Open gym at 10 AM will be a little late. Gym will be opening a proximally 1015. Sorry for any inconvenience!

10:00am Sunday Fun Day with Coach Mark Come on in and make up a wod you missed or work on those weaknesses.

Saturday  Team wod with cook out and patio buil to follow  Teams of 4 200 Double Unders (1 person working at a time while the others hold plank. You must change to plank when you miss a Double under(single)) 75 Wall Ball Pass Overs- anytime the ball touches the ground everyone on your team must…

Friday  A.  Cycle 1 Week  Dead Lift  3@70% 3@80% 3+90% B.  Fight Gone Bad

Thursday  A. Bench Press Cycle 1 Week 2 3@70% 3@80% 3+@90% B.   Row for max cal- 10x[30:30](30 seconds work/30 Seconds rest) Rest 2:00 2:00 max hollow rocks Rest 2:00 Row 10x[30:30]

Wednesday  A.  Handstand work Find: Max free standing handstand hold / against wall Max distance handstand walk/ shoulder taps Free standing handstand push ups/ HS push up work B.  Strict Press Cycle 1 Week 2 Work off 90% of your 1RM 3@70% 3@80% 3+@90% C.  With a partner 1 working at a time split up…

Tuesday  A. Snatch 15-20 minutes work to today’s heavy B.  10-8-6-4-2 Power Cleans  Front Squat 135/95 95/65 75/55 Complete 35 double unders after each couplet

Monday  A.  Back Squat  Cycle 1 Week 2 3@70% 3@80% 3+@90% B. WOD – “CrossFit Baseline WOD” For Time: 500M Row.  Optional sub 400m Run (Start in heats of 5) 40 Air Squats 30 Ab Mat Situps 20 Push Ups 10 Pullups Fitness Levels Chart for 1 Round with Row Men, Women 3:45, 4:40 Elite…

Sunday fun day with Coach Mark.  open gym 10:00

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