What is CrossFit?

A universally scalable, General Physical Preparedness Program (GPP) that incorporates Constantly Varied, Functional Movements at High Intensity.

Free Introduction Class

See if CrossFit is right for you! Sign up for our free introduction class every Saturday at 11:00 AM.

Teens & Kids

Our Kids and Teens strength and conditioning programs are geared specifically to the younger age groups.

Crossfit Dragon City

Welcome to Crossfit Dragon City, Middletown’s elite CrossFit Strength & Conditioning Performance center, located in the North End. We offer over 20 classes per week and specialize in providing our members with an exclusive performance training experience that is tailored for the beginner, all the way to the seasoned athlete.

Our coaching staff is hand-selected and among the best in the industry. We strive on providing the highest level of customer services and treat our members to all the luxurious amenities that you would find in a high-end health club. Come give us a try for free! We would love to meet you, show you our beautiful facilities, and learn about your fitness goals. Everybody is welcome!

Daily Workouts

  • Saturday  A.  15 Minutes Handstand work B.  4 Rounds  400m Run  16 Toes to Bar/…

  • Friday  A.  Dead Lift  Cycle 2 Week 2 3@70% 3@80% 3+@90% B.  15 Minute AMRAP …

  • Thursday  A.  Bench Press  Cycle 2 Week 2 3@70% 3@80% 3+@90% B.  Partner Wod 4…

  • Wednesday  A.  Strict Press Cycle 2 Week 2 3@70% 3@80% 3+@90% B.  For Time  600…